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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Peace and many blessings, I am Elder Harris Thomas, Founding Pastor of Unity Fellowship Church of Baltimore (UFCB) and District Elder for Unity Fellowship Church Movement (UFCM), Jurisdiction 3, Mid-Atlantic Region (J3). On behalf of our officials and members, welcome to our spiritual cyber experience. The goal of our website, like our church, is to help develop our MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT as we DISCOVER GOD ANEW. I offer you this personal invitation to visit our church. At UFCB, you will experience the unconditional love of God in an African-American worship style. Our services are open and affirming to everyone without personal prejudices or religious biases. You are welcome to come just as you are.

Our liturgical staff brings diversity to our ministry through their different spiritual and religious theological background that helps us to see and experience God in a 21st-century liberated perspective. Together we ensure our services are inclusive as we re-examine the sacred texts “DISCOVERING GOD ANEW”. Our mission is to liberate others and ourselves from the oppression of societal thinking and church doctrine that men subscript to the Bible as a way to control.

As part of UFCM, UFCB believes in the affirmation given us by our founding prelate, “GOD IS LOVE AND LOVE IS FOR EVERYONE.” Every Sunday we affirm each other with the greeting, “GOD LOVES YOU AND SO DO I.”

Greetings in the Name of Love and Light, I am Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington. I serve as the Co-Pastor of Unity Fellowship Church of Baltimore. I want to join our Elder and membership in welcoming you to the UFCB cyber experience. We are excited about what God is doing as we DISCOVER GOD ANEW. We know that the church has served as a major source of support for many people. We also understand that because of bias, prejudice and oppression, the church has also been a major source of pain. We know that we can’t remedy all of that in a website or even a church visit, but we hope to be the kind of ministry that will support healing, love, and empowerment.

We seek to study the Bible and other spiritual teaching so that we may serve this present age. Please join us for one of our worship experiences, spiritual development classes or family fellowships. We are a church that has its theology basis in the love ethic of Jesus Christ. With that stated, you do not have to be a “Christian” to be a part of our family. We WELCOME all expressions of God and all experiences of Gods wisdom. So if you’ve been looking for a place that is focused on love and light, healing and helping, meeting people where they are and supporting them to unleash their full God power and potential, UFCB is the place for you. Check us out. You won’t be sorry. We hope this website is helpful. Please use it and connect with us through it until we can see you in person. Remember “GOD LOVES YOU AND SO DO I


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Bible Study - 9:00 A.M.  On 2nd Sundays only

Praise and Worship - 10.45 A.M.

Worship Service - 11:00 A.M.

1st Sunday Communion


Spiritual Development - 7:00 P.M.