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Unity Fellowship Church of Baltimore - 4007 Old York Road, Baltimore, Maryland, 21218

Reverend Sam Offer serves as Vice President and consultant with the Washington Consulting Group, a Multicultural Organizational Development Firm, out of Baltimore, MD. Rev. Offer has served as an educator and administrator in education for over 25 years.

A native Marylander, Rev. Offer earned his B.S. from Calvary Christian College with a concentration in Early Childhood Studies. Other studies include Sexuality, Religious and Spiritual Pluralism, Religious Issues within the LGBTQ community (particularly through a Christian lens), and Social Justice. Rev. Offer is an alumnus of Landmark Education and the Social Justice Training Institute. He serves as a lead trainer for LeaderShape, Inc., and lead faculty for the Social Justice Training Institute: The Student Experience. He has spent many years working with the development of youth and young adults in education and within the community. Rev. Offer is a member of Maryland Black Family Alliance and is an advisor to Pride and Faith, organizations advocating equity of all people. Rev. Offer is co-chair of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force premier conference, Creating Change 2012. He is also state chair for African American Clergy and People of Faith with Marylanders for Equality.

As a motivational speaker, Rev. Offer travels the world advocating social justice and equity for all humanity. He is known for his witty personality, style and love for the work he does.

His work includes developing presentations and workshops for colleges, universities and business organizations; developing and implementing curriculum for local religious and community organizations for engaging social justice issues; developing and implementing curriculum for engaging spirituality and religion in the workplace; facilitating group sessions and trainings on topics including leadership, change management and social justice; and providing staff support for team development and effectiveness.

He has served in music ministry for more than 40 years and currently serves as Minister of Community Relations and Outreach for Unity Fellowship Church, Baltimore, and is an ordained reverend in the Unity Fellowship Church Movement.

Rev. Offer is a consultant, facilitator and trainer on Diversity, Multiculturalism, Religion, Leadership, and Community Development issues. He has a way of engaging participants that will foster effective change in both their personal and organizational lives.

Rev. Offer shares his life with his son, two daughters, and his three grandchildren. He has a Jack Russell Terrier, Taurus, and lives a fulfilled life with his beloved partner, Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington.